Dental Fillings


Closeup of dental mirror checking a mouth to see that health of  tooth fillings from a previous visit.Tooth fillings are the most common way to stop decay from spreading in your teeth. If you keep up on your routine dental exams, the doctor will likely discover decay when it first starts. This will allow him to fill those teeth before the decay turns into a bigger problem.


You want people to admire your smile – not your silver dental fillings. That’s why Dr. Jones only recommends using tooth-colored, composite fillings rather than traditional, silver fillings for our patients.

Not only do silver fillings pose an aesthetic concern, but placing them requires more tooth surface to be removed, making them more invasive. White fillings preserve more of your natural tooth because they require less tooth preparation. This minimizes the extent of future treatments that you may need. At Comfort First Family Dental, we use only tooth-colored, composite fillings for your restoration. Each one will blend naturally into your smile.

Composite tooth fillings are:

  • Smaller
  • Less invasive
  • Complement and blend into your existing smile
  • Just as durable
  • Free of metal alloys or mercury

Because of composite’s ability to seamlessly blend into your existing tooth, restoring a front tooth is never a concern. You can smile confidently and forget that anything is even there.


Do you find yourself covering your yawn, not to be polite, but to hide the silver in your smile? Are you concerned about the mercury in your existing amalgam fillings? Dr. Jones can replace your old fillings with new, cosmetic white restorations. Never hide your smile again!


Before and after shots of how composite tooth fillings can fix a decay issue and help you keep the natural color of your teeth.If you think you have a cavity, you might experience symptoms like tooth pain, sensitivity to certain foods, or even rough edges that you can feel with your tongue. For missing teeth, consider dental implants.

Through periodic exams and cleanings, we can keep you on the road to good dental health! Our advanced digital x-rays allow us to spot the tiniest cavity early, for minimally invasive treatment. That way you can keep your smile its healthiest and brightest – for life.

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If you have a tooth that is damaged beyond repair, dental crowns are typically a viable option.