Tooth Extractions


Woman smiling after her gentle tooth extraction at Comfort First Family Dental.Sometimes the first step to improving the health of your smile is removing diseased teeth. Extracting those teeth can benefit the integrity of other teeth in your mouth, or aid in full mouth rehabilitation. Some of the reasons why Dr. Jones may recommend a dental tooth extraction include:

  • Severely decayed or broken teeth
  • Pain
  • Emergencies
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Denture fabrication
  • Dental implant therapy


Dr. Jones is committed to ensuring your comfort throughout every dental procedure – including extractions. Before removing your tooth, she will thoroughly numb the entire area around it, minimizing your discomfort. She also offers an oral medication option so that you can “nap” right through the procedure. Wisdom teeth are a completely different matter all together.


Dentist pointing at a tooth on an x-ray to show the reason why a tooth extraction is needed. If you have missing teeth, it can make the other teeth start to drift out of place – even if you have previously worn braces. That’s why Dr. Jones will recommend replacing your missing tooth as soon as possible, to preserve tooth alignment. Some of the replacement options that we offer include dental implants, bridges, and denture options. We can review your choices with you, so that you can select the best one for your personal goals and needs.

Don’t put off that tooth extraction. Diseases like periodontitis or tooth decay can easily pass from tooth to tooth. Removing your problematic tooth can help you to preserve the rest of your bite and minimize the amount of treatment that you need over time.

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Preventive dentistry, including cleanings and professional exams, are the best way to avoid unnecessary tooth decay.