Straightening your teeth at a young age will improve your dental health for the rest of your life. However, you can get your teeth straightened as an adult as well. This is most commonly accomplished using braces. Braces are a gradual teeth adjustment tool that is very effective for a permanent tooth straightening solution.


Dr. Jones is a certified Powerprox Six Month Smiles dentist right here in Falls Church. Six Month Smiles offers a number of benefits that drastically reduce the length of time you have to spend wearing braces.


  • Straighten your smile in just 6 months or less
  • Focus on the teeth at the front of your smile
  • Choose “clear” tooth-colored brackets and appliances
  • Get fast results that make a big impact

Six Month Smiles is different than most types of braces. How? Because the treatment is focused on the teeth that matter to you the most – the ones at the front of your smile. Instead of adjusting the back teeth or the way your jaws bite together, they focuse on aesthetics of the front teeth. With them, we can correct teeth that look crooked, gapped, rotated, or uneven. If you don't like the look of braces, consider clear braces.

If you’ve always wanted to improve the way your teeth look, but didn’t want to spend years in braces – then Six Month Smiles is a great option to consider. With just a few trips to our office, you can have a straight smile that boosts your confidence and gives you the freedom to smile and laugh in social settings.

Our flexible appointment times allow you to come by before work, after school, or even on the weekend for your Six Month Smiles appointment. You’ll wish you had straightened your smile years ago! Call Comfort First Family Dental today and be sure to ask about our financing options. Se habla Español.

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