Teeth Whitening

$199 Custom Whitening Trays

Custom whitening trays are a convenient way to get the bright smile you've always wanted.
(Payment due at time of service.)


Attractive couple showing off the results of their teeth whitening they got from Comfort First Family Dental in Falls Church VA. Are your teeth stained or just a little discolored? Teeth whitening could be the answer you have been looking for. Getting your teeth whitened is less intensive than other cosmetic dental options, and can leave you with a bright smile you can be proud of.


Our custom whitening trays allow you to safely and effectively lift years of stain from your smile. Each tray holds prescription grade whitening gel snugly against your teeth, providing even, dramatic results.


Teeth are porous. This allows them to absorb stains from everyday food, drinks, and even medication that we take. Some of the most common reasons why our patients experience discolored teeth include:

  • Tea, coffee, red wine
  • Tobacco products
  • Medication (such as tetracycline)
  • Environmental factors
  • Developmental irregularities
  • Naturally dark enamel

Dr. Jones uses Opalescence products – which are proven to oxidize and lift away stain particles from the microscopic pores of teeth. When a small amount of gel is placed in each tooth reservoir of your tray, it can produce significant results in very little time.

Before and after photo of the dramatic changes that result from professional teeth whitening services from Comfort First Family Dental in Falls Church VA. We recommend wearing your teeth whitening trays for about one hour per day, for 10-14 days for the best results.

Maintaining your smile is easy. We recommend touching up your smile a few days in a row, every 3 to 4 months. After your dental cleaning is a great time, as we polish away any surface stains during those appointments.

Whitening is an affordable and easy way to make a tremendous impact on the way your entire smile looks. Use it alone, or combine it with treatments like bonding and veneers for dramatic results.Let us help you determine the best cosmetic dental procedures to meet your needs.

All you need to get started is a quick impression of your teeth. Call us today to have a whiter smile in no time! Se habla Español.

There are multiple options for whitening your teeth these days. For the whitest smile in the shortest amount of time, porcelain veneers are your answer.