Wisdom Teeth


Man points to one of his wisdom teeth that is causing him pain and is looking for it to be removed at Comfort First Family Dental. As our final teeth come in, you may start to experience pain. While slight discomfort is expected, pain caused by wisdom teeth that don’t have room to fit in your mouth or that are coming in crooked can be a serious matter. It is best to have your wisdom teeth examined by trained dental professionals at the first sign of pain.


Not all wisdom teeth (3rd molars) need to be removed, but it is a fairly common situation for older teens or young adults to experience. Even if you have a very straight smile, wisdom teeth may sometimes lack adequate room to erupt fully into place. This can cause the 3rd set of molars to:

  • Become impacted
  • Damage the teeth adjacent to them
  • Create crowding through the rest of your smile
  • Only erupt partially
  • Easily develop cavities or gum disease
  • Create pain and swelling


X-ray showing a wisdom too that needs to be removed. When wisdom teeth are impacted or only partially erupted, they still continue to grow. This can create complications due to how difficult they are to clean, or the pressure they place on the next tooth. That’s why it is sometimes best to remove the 3rd molars before other problems can start.

Dr. Jones will assess the development of your 3rd molars using a digital panoramic x-ray. This film shows us the precise location and position of your wisdom teeth as they relate to the other teeth in your mouth. If inadequate space or positioning is a factor, removing your wisdom teeth can help you avoid pain, swelling, and discomfort later on.

Many of our patients have their wisdom teeth removed right here in our Falls Church family dental office. Our services are more convenient and affordable than having to visit a surgical specialist for treatment.

If you think you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, please call us at any time. We will be more than happy to help. Don’t have dental insurance? No problem – be sure to check out our financing plans. Se habla Español.

Sometimes the first step to improving the health of your smile is removing diseased teeth with a gentle tooth extraction.